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The European Union may legalize a single USB Type-C access for all electronic devices by the end of this year


European Union and for smartphones, tablets, headsets and other electronic devices from EU member states until the beginning of next year. unit they are very likely to set the charging input standard. This was reported by a local who led the project parliament member gave. It is known that Apple company unit actively criticizes the draft of the charging input standard. European Commission for electronic devices unit charging input standard draft for the first time 10 years ago offer had done. But on this issue the law The project was developed only last year. Android and iOS users have been complaining about the use of various chargers for many years. iPhone models Lightning modern Android smartphones at a time when they are charged via the input USB Type-C are charged through the input.

According to available statistics 2018Half of all smartphones in the year USB micro-B 29% used USB Type-C input and 21% used Lightning input. Currently, the USB Type-C input is most likely to dominate in terms of the number of users. In the European Parliament in question the law local leading the project parliament member Alex Agius Saliba said that the law Voting on the project may take place in May. After the vote, it will be possible to discuss the final version of the bill with individual countries. Local parliament The member said that the whole process can be completed by the end of this year, and this is their main goal.

However, he said that the main focus should not be on smartphones. According to him, the standard of single charging access should also be integrated into e-books, low-power laptops, keyboards, headphones, smart watches and electronic toys. It should be noted that the bill submitted by the European Commission at the time included only smartphones, tablets and headphones. A new bill covering a single charging access standard for electronic devices could take effect six months after its adoption. During this period, manufacturers will have to adapt their products to the new law.

24 hours“”The European Union may legalize a single USB Type-C access for all electronic devices by the end of this yearPublished an article entitled “Technote”


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