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The main causes of death in Azerbaijan…

According to the State Statistics Committee (SSC), deaths and births have increased in Azerbaijan over the past year. Last year, 76,878 deaths were registered in the country. 2020In 2012, the number of deaths registered in Azerbaijan increased by 35 percent compared to 2019 and reached 75,647 people. 2020The year was the 44-day Second Karabakh War, in which about 3,000 casualties were reported. In addition, more than 2,600 people died from the coronavirus.

But the total number of deaths in 2021 is 2020The figure for the year is also behind. However, last year, about 5,000 people died from the virus. However, the death rate in Azerbaijan has increased not only in the last two years, but also in previous years. Instead, the birth rate is declining year by year.

The report of the UN Population Fund and the Development Program on the demographic situation of the population in Azerbaijan is also noteworthy. The country’s population will reach 11 million by 2045 (currently) 10 million), is projected to continue on a declining trend from 2050.

From the Ministry of Health “TuranDetailed statistics on the causes of death in 2021 are not yet available: “But in 2020, each of the country’s population 10The number of deaths from all major causes among men per 1,000 people was much higher than among women.

According to the organization, the highest number of deaths in Azerbaijan in 2020 occurred due to diseases of the circulatory system: “As a result, 20,277 women and 20,951 men died in 2020,” he said. Other causes of death across the country are some infectious and parasitic diseases. Of them, 2,382 women and 3,493 men died.

It was noted that 4,296 women, 5,583 men from neonates, 1,421 women from respiratory diseases, 1,728 men, 969 women from digestive diseases, 1,551 men, 938 women from trauma, poisoning and other consequences of external causes. , 5 thousand 122 men died.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Adil QeybullaAccording to RFE / RL, lethality, mortality and morbidity rates. “Mortality rates are specifically related to deaths from disease.”

The expert noted that many young people lost their lives in the war: “This will affect the death rate in the future.”

Coronavirus pandemic According to Gaybulla, many people died as a result, which has a serious impact on statistics.

He stressed that the statistics do not show the real situation: “There is an increase in mortality. The share of oncological diseases has increased. There are very serious environmental issues in the country, food, medicine There is a security problem. All this has an impact on the gene pool of the population and shortening life expectancy.

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The main causes of death in Azerbaijan…
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Azerbaijan news

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