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Astronomers have discovered a new hidden space object behind the planet Neptune


Richard Boyle astronomer named Arizona Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) through a telescope Neptune new behind the planet transneptun object found. A new transneptun has been discovered at the facility 2021 XD7 was named. The object in question The sun full cycle around With 286 realizes. According to Richard Boyle, the size of the object From Pluto is smaller. This new discovery has not yet been discovered in the solar system 9th planet allows you to take another step on the path of discovery. Scientists believe that the ninth planet is located on the edge of the solar system. An object named 2021 XD7, like Pluto, which is included in the list of objects of more than 800 transneptons discovered so far Earth, Mars and has a more curved orbit than other planets.

Scientists hope that this new transneptic object will help in the discovery of the ninth planet. According to astronomers, the 9th planet, which has not yet been discovered in distant objects of the solar system gravitational force affects. From the California Institute of Technology Scientists believe that the size of the planet is on Earth 4 timeswhile the mass 10 times should be larger. It is such large dimensions that can clarify the flight trajectories of the objects behind Neptune. The hidden 9th planet is believed to have a giant orbit, and as a result, it orbits the Sun completely. 10.000 or 20.000 with realizes.

Last year, astronomers reported that another planet in the solar system was the Sun. 75 billion can be located at a distance of km. For comparison, the distance between Pluto and the Sun. 4.4-7.4 billion km contane. According to scientists, in order to determine the exact location of the ninth planet, it is necessary to discover more transneptune objects. In this case, it will be commissioned next year Vera Rubin Observatory may be helpful. If Planet 9 really exists, it is likely. The sun of the system outside borders Kuiper belt located behind.

24 hours“”In search of the ninth planet: Astronomers have discovered a new hidden space object behind the planet NeptunePublished an article entitled “Technote”


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