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‘I took a loan from the bank, paid my dues, became mayor …’

In 2014-2019, he was the mayor of Yalavaj, Mahammadli and Rasullu villages of Imishli region Hero Gahramanov He says he was appointed to this position by paying money.

“From the bank credit I took, execution I gave it to the mayor, I became mayor. That is, I paid my dues and became the mayor “– Gahramanov passed Imishli on February 18 Mayor He said this in the trial of William Hajiyev. He was questioned as a witness in court.

“I wanted a thousand, I said no”

Gahramanov claims that the former Mayor even for the presentation of an order sent to him later for his participation in the wars in Afghanistan bribe asked: “He asked for a thousand, I said no, I gave him 500, he put the order on my chest.”

Former municipality According to him, he has a total of 14 orders and medals for his services.

The past Mayor He said he was lying and biased. According to Hajiyev, the mayor appealed to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate Gahramanov’s activities during his tenure. As a result, about Gahramanov crime The case was initiated and he was convicted by the Imishli District Court.

Hajiyev’s lawyer asked the court to investigate the former mayor’s orders and medals.

“I did not know where it was spent”

Imishli District Execution Head of the Territorial Administration Department of the Government Mirza Guliyev also says that due to the appointment of executive representatives and deputies in the district bribe was taken. According to him, 150,000 manat was allocated for Mil-Mugan football club. He gave the money to William Hajiyev: “The money was allocated by the State Oil Company for the club, mine bank transferred to my account. I took it out of my account and gave it to the chief executive. But I did not know where it was spent “.

The former chief executive accused him of lying: “You have built a building for yourself in the center of the city, let it come out of your nose.”

Still in office…

During the interrogation, it was also revealed that witness Guliyev still holds the same position in the executive power. The lawyer of the accused filed a motion to investigate the grounds on which people who came to the court and admitted that they had carried out illegal instructions are still working in positions of responsibility: “Please, court make a decision, crime Let the case start, let the prosecutor’s office conduct an investigation. “

The trial of the former chief executive will continue on February 21.

William Hajiyev 2004-20Goygol in 06, 20In 06-2012 he served as chief executive of Samukh, and in 2012-2020 as chief executive of Imishli. While working in this position in May 2020 arrest has been published.

Misappropriation, abuse of office, bribe The former chief executive, who is accused of apple and other acts, pleads not guilty and says his arrest was ordered.

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