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Manaf Agayev, who went to Fizuli with Maybach, was punished

Singer Manaf Agayev and his accomplice, Sanan Huseynov, from the occupation without proper permits free areas trip were punished for their actions. They were called to the police yesterday. Police Protocols were drawn up on Manaf Agayev and Sanan Huseynov. The protocols were sent to the court. By court decision Manaf Agayev and Sanan Huseynov each 15 per day arrest has been published.

Recall that Manaf Agayev with his Mercedes Maybach Fuzuli He posted a video of himself in front of the airport on Instagram. In that video businessman His friend S.Huseynov was accompanied by an AA Mercedes. The singer, originally from Fizuli, prayed for his reunion and sang a song longing for his homeland. But the video on social networks irritated, then the issue attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies, and now the famous singer joined Fizuli without permission. per day will have to remain in prison.

24 hours“”Manaf Agayev, who went to Fizuli with Maybach, was punished – PHOTO / VIDEOPublished an article entitled “Press Club”


Azerbaijan news

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