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Some Chrome applications can cause large-scale leaks of Facebook account information


Facebook most of which simplifies the interaction with Chrome attachments (extensions) to obtain the necessary information social of the network Graph API use the user’s one-session tokens over. However, it turned out that some of the used Chrome applications are without the user’s knowledge Facebook transfer the information in the account to their servers. And this Meta contradicts the laws of the company. This is the case Facebook may lead to large-scale leaks of users’ confidential information. As a result of Chrome’s abuse of the Graph API, Meta could face a new big scandal. Last week Brave the company to its browser of the same name LOC of the supplement called Chrome Web Storeblocked the ability to download from. This application allows you to automate some operations on Facebook, and it is very popular among users. His 700,000has a number of downloads close to.

However, according to Brave, this add-on is a source of threat to the privacy of users. Experts have found that session tokens (text strings of 192 letters and numbers) used by LOC Creator Studio can be obtained by referring to the web application called. Tokens applied to this website GET presents in response to a query called. Experts LOC supplement social Although they did not detect any abuse of network information, the developers of the application worked with Brave to ensure that it meets safety standards. The Chrome Web Store also has other apps that generate tokens using Facebook’s Creator Studio. Examples include the following additions:

J2TEAM Security (200.000 downloads)

MonokaiToolkit (10.000 downloads)

FBVN (80,000 downloads)

KB2A Tool (50,000 downloads).

Such products are the result of the work of Facebook groups, which are popular among Vietnamese-speaking developers. They are social using network session tokens to allow users to take advantage of opportunities not available in the social network system offer they do. However, they do not inform users about the processing of user data.

24 hours“”Some Chrome applications can cause large-scale leaks of Facebook account informationPublished an article entitled “Technote”


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