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The court refused to investigate the lawsuit against Javanshir Feyziyev

Socially active Bakhtiar Hajiyev deputy Cavanşir Demands the arrest of Feyziyev for insult and slander. He also filed a lawsuit in court on this charge.

The reason is Facebook social in the network “Cavanshir Feyziyev”Page itself, including a number of public-political are opinions written about figures and journalists.

On February 17, in the Sabail District Court judge Azer Tagiyev considered the claim of the public activist.

In court deputy he himself did not attend. His lawyer said that the page had nothing to do with Feyziyev. court He did not write the article that led to his claim.

A few days after the article in question, on February 7, there was another post on that page. In the same post, Feyziyev expressed his regret for using some harsh rhetoric in the previous article and addressed the chairman of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov. It was claimed that deputy Through this appeal, he wants to resign from the Board of the Press Council. Because before that of the deputy One of the journalists mentioned in the article is the editor-in-chief of Bahaddin Hazi He announced his resignation from the Board of Directors and did not want to be represented in the same body as such a person.

Feyziyev’s lawyer could not answer Hajiyev’s question in court about these issues, which were later spread on the page.

Judge Azer Tagiyev He refused to investigate Hajiyev’s claim. He said he would explain the reason for returning the lawsuit in a written ruling.

“I am waiting for a justification. If there is a reasonable argument, I will eliminate it and submit it to the court of first instance. Otherwise, I will appeal this decision. In any case, the process will continue “Hajiyev He told RFE / RL.

Socially active Bakhtiar Hajiyev MP Cavanşir It demands that Feyziyev be punished to the maximum extent of the penalties provided for in Articles 147 (defamation) and 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code.

24 hours“”
The court refused to investigate the lawsuit against Javanshir Feyziyev
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