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The Google Analytics service was deemed ILLEGAL

French Computer Science and Civil Liberties Milli The Commission (CNIL) considers that the world’s most popular web analytics service “Google Analytics “poses a threat to the confidentiality of user data. news According to the commission, “Google“Does not provide the required level of confidentiality of data of European users. This is a violation of the General Regulation on Data Security in the European Region (GDPR).

The commission said, “Google”Company of European users USAdoes not take necessary measures to protect the information transmitted to Under GDPR law, Google must eliminate any possibility that this information could be passed on to third parties (including private government agencies).

“The opportunities that exist USA the availability of that information by public authorities is not sufficient to eliminate the factors. “Therefore, there are risks for users of French sites who use Google Analytics and transfer data,” the commission said.

The essence of the commission’s claim is that USAwhich may be equivalent to the GDPR law on the protection of user data the law no. Therefore, Google can easily transfer the data of European users to US authorities.

Google has repeatedly stated that its web analytics service is not used to track users, and the information collected through it is managed by customers of the service.

Along with this statement, the commission instructed the operator of the unnamed website (it is not known from which website the conversation took place) to stop using Google Analytics.

This is the second time that the European regulator has restricted Google Analytics. So that, January Austrian regulators also banned the use of Google Analytics in January. / “Technote”

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Google Analytics has been declared ILLEGAL
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