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Ukraine says ceasefire violations are on the rise

From Crimea, annexed by Moscow 10 military the plane was reportedly removed

Ukraine said on February 18 that there had been a sharp increase in ceasefire violations by Russian-backed separatists in the east of the country.

According to the army report, the latter 24 hours During the ceasefire was violated 60 times, one soldier injured. Separatists using heavy artillery, mortars and tanks 10reportedly fired on more than a dozen settlements.

“Great provocation”

President Volodymyr Zelenski He called the sharp rise in clashes between government forces and separatists on the front line a “major provocation.”

A kindergarten was reportedly set on fire on February 18, injuring two civilians.

Since April 2014 Of Ukraine at least 13 thousand in the war with the separatists in the east 200 people were killed.

USASecretary of State Anthony Blinken told the UN Security Council on February 17 that Russia “Walks the path of war” and is the sole responsibility for the crisis caused by the deployment of troops near the border with Ukraine way is diplomacy.

Russia indicates the withdrawal of forces

Russia while at the border 10More than 0 thousand soldier Despite the collection, he says he has no plans to invade his neighbor.

Ministry of Defence He said on February 18 that the withdrawal of tanks and other armored vehicles near the border continues. Russian forces military says it is concentrated according to training.

Crimea annexed by Moscow 10 military It is noted that the plane was removed.

NATO and a number of Western countries have called the reports “fake” and say Russia is increasing its military presence near the Ukrainian border.

Russia USA and NATORequires security guarantees from. Here Of Ukraine ban on membership in the western alliance, NATOincluding the suspension of its advance into Central and Eastern Europe.

Lukashenko will meet with Putin

Authoritarian leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko President of Russia on February 18 Vladimir PutinHe said he would meet with The two countries are currently undergoing joint training. Mr Lukashenko said “future action” on a joint military force would be discussed.

To the Asipovitsky military test site, where joint exercises were held on February 17 trip Mr Lukashenko did not say whether Russian forces would leave the country after the maneuvers. However, he noted that “There is no need to establish Russian military bases in Belarus.”

“Decisions will be made tomorrow”, – Lukashenko said referring to his meeting with Putin.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov February 17, as the exercises are scheduled for February 20He said it will end in However, he did not say whether Russian forces would leave Belarus immediately.

30,000 Russian troops are training in Belarus, which borders NATO’s eastern flank and Ukraine. The West is worried about the Kremlin’s true intentions.

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Ukraine says ceasefire violations are on the rise
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