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Zeynab Khanlarova’s nephew was sentenced to 6 years in prison

According to the prosecutor, Nasirov had a previous conviction, but it was paid

The trial of five people accused of selling 25 hundred square meters of land on the seashore without their knowledge, ending the death of elderly women in the Turkan settlement of Baku, is coming to an end.

These are Khazar district execution was the president’s representative for Turkan settlement Rahil BabayevNo. 1 of the State Registry Service Baku Former Territorial Administration chief Zafar Abdulovbecame his deputy Eldar Mirzayevas well as Chingiz Safarov and Flood Nasirovstop.

Two of the five accused, Babayev and Safarov, are in custody.

4 to 6 years arrest

People’s Artist Zeynab KhanlarovaNasirov, his nephew, was previously wanted in connection with the case20in December arrest was made. However, he was released four months later on health grounds.

Speaking on February 18, the prosecutor demanded that all five be sentenced to between four and six years in prison. He is one of those currently in custody, including Dashgin Nasirov, Eldar Mirzayev and Zafar Abdulov court in the hall arrest to be offer hit.

Public prosecutor Nasirova 6 years, Mirzayev and Abdulov each 4 years and 6 months, Safarova 5 years and 6 months, formerly engaged in the purchase and sale of real estate from the accused execution Babayev was sentenced to four years in prison.

Babayev and Safarov 2020He has been in custody since December.

He transferred 190,000 manat

According to the prosecutor, Nasirov had a previous conviction, but it was paid.

In order to compensate the damage caused to the residents of Turkan, who suffered as a result of the sale of land, Nasirov deposited about 190,000 manat in the deposit account of the prosecutor’s office. funds transferred.

Defending the rights of victims lawyer Cavad Cavadov says that if the damage caused to them is compensated, against the accused complaint and there will be no requirements.

One of the victims is 91-year-old Xumara Shabanova court died during the process.

In addition to the five named, there are two other defendants in the case. These are the former chairman of the municipality of Turkan Guest Agayev and engaged in the purchase and sale of land in the town Garib Nadirovstop. Agayev is wanted, and Nadirov’s case is being considered separately.


Crime The case materials allege that Chingiz Safarov, Garib Nadirov and Chingiz Nasirov, who were engaged in land sales, execution representative and the mayor, as well as officials of the State Registry Service.

As a result, a total of 1.12 hectares of land belonging to Atayeva and Shabanova, located on the seashore in Turkan settlement, were illegally sold with fake documents. The investigation estimated the land sold with fake documents at 190,000 manat.

The defendants were charged under Articles 178.3.2 (fraud with extensive damage), 308.2 (abuse of power, causing serious consequences) and 320.2 (forgery, illegal preparation or use of official documents) of the Criminal Code.

Of the accused, only Safarov pleads partially guilty to forgery and denies the remaining charges. Others disagree with any of the allegations.

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Zeynab Khanlarova’s nephew was sentenced to 6 years in prison
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