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“They demolished my facility, now they are throwing things at each other”

A resident of Agsu says that his personal facility was demolished

“The past of Agsu region execution head Vahid Tagiyevin and On the instructions of Deputy Mirgubad Orujov, Department of Landscaping and With the participation of employees of the Housing and Utilities Department provided with jobs through the DOST Program in Agsu bypass 20The facility was demolished. They were all objects of poor people. In an instant, they destroyed the work that people had built with their teeth and nails, and destroyed the equipment inside the property. There was no court decision or official warning for the demolition. No matter how hard people try, their illegal actions snowcould not get the bottle. I was one of those entrepreneurs. “

Nushaba Jafarova speaks to Meydan TV that, 2020on April 29 and On May 1, a court decision from the Agsu District Executive Power, located in the Agsu bypass area without official notice and demolished the recreation facility he owned.

As a result, the entrepreneur’s property rights were violated and she suffered material damage.

“Everyone is taking responsibility”

According to Ms. Nushaba according toLocated at the 150th km of the Agsu bypass, is a recreation facility that has existed since 1998 20It has been the legal owner since 02.

State Construction and Architectural Committee Chief State Technical Inventory, Registration of Property Rights and The property registered in the Town Planning Cadastre Office under “Registration Card № 38” was purchased by him in 2002 under a notarized purchase agreement:

Photo: Meydan TV

“I appealed to all official bodies, but to no avail. After all this, I decided to sue the parties involved in the demolition. “

“Purchase agreement is kept in force”

Ms. Nushaba first visited Shamakhi Regional Forestry Center, Agsu Executive Power and Ecology and He sent a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding compensation. He demanded that the facility be restored.

In letter No. 388 dated June 3, 2020, the Shamakhi Regional Forestry Center stated that the facility was demolished on his instructions.

Answers from all parties and Ombudsmanas a result of research conducted by according to with the side leading to the demolition snowfiled a civil lawsuit in the Sheki Administrative Court.

After that, the director of the Shamakhi Regional Forestry Center Afgan Garibov also received a Registration Certificate in the Agsu District Court. and filed a lawsuit to terminate the contract of sale:

“Realizing that he had lost the trial, Afgan Garibov resorted to another way to postpone the case. In order to delay the case on compensation in the Sheki Administrative Court, this time again the Order issued by the Agsu Executive Power 24 years ago according to sued.

He demanded that the Agsu District Court postpone the case until the case on the Order is resolved.

Photo: Meydan TV

Agsu District Court decided to postpone the case. Nushaba Jafarova appealed to the Sheki Court of Appeal against the decision of the Agsu District Court.

It turned out that, the decision was not made correctly and The compensation case in the Sheki Administrative Court has nothing to do with these cases and work must be continued.

The Agsu District Court must consider the case and make a decision. Thus, it was decided and Afgan Garibov’s claim was not satisfied and the purchase agreement was kept in force: “I repeatedly appealed to the head of the Forest Development Service Namig Khidirova and the head of the Legal Department of the Ministry Teymur Shakaraliyev regarding the illegal actions of Afgan Garibov. Each time they tried to justify Afgan Garibov. I also appealed to Minister Mukhrat Babayev. On the instructions of the Minister, a person named Nariman Jiriyev came from the Ecological Department No. 6. He demanded an explanation from me. I also tried to explain to him that he was not an employee of the authority authorized to get an explanation by law. He didn’t understand, I wrote an explanation. But aside from what I wrote in the explanation, the head of department 6 Ziya Jabrailov responded justifying Afgan Garibov’s actions. After the final decision of the Agsu District Court, Afgan Garibov found a way out by overcoming the demolition order. But he forgot his official answer at the beginning of the work, “I demolished the object.”

The trial continues

Nushaba Jafarova claims that property rights are violated by the Constitution: “The Constitution says that, property is inviolable and protected by the state. It is mentioned in Article 29.4 of the Constitution that, “No one can be deprived of his property without a court decision.” I think that, Afgan Garibov does not know about the Constitution. He doesn’t know that, Deliberate destruction of another’s property is a crime.

Photo: Meydan TV

In the coming days in the Sheki Administrative Court of Nushaba khanum judge Under the chairmanship of Farid Ismayilzade to Shamakhi Regional Forestry Center, Agsu District Executive Power and Ecology and To the Ministry of Natural Resources snowThe next court hearing will be held on the lawsuit.

Entrepreneur against those institutions 10He claimed 0,000 manat in moral and 80,000 manat in material damages.

The Shamakhi District Executive Power did not comment on the case as the trial is ongoing. Everything will be known as a result of the trial. ““”“They demolished my facility, now they are throwing things at each other”Published an article entitled “Argument”


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