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The G7 calls on Russia to withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border

The ministers said that, it is global security and is a challenge to the international order.

The G7 foreign ministers issued a joint statement on Saturday urging Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine. and called for full compliance with international obligations.

Russia The unjustified concentration of military forces is the largest military deployment in Europe since the end of the Cold War. The ministers said that, it is global security and is a challenge to the international order.

“We expect Russia to implement the announced reduction of military activity along the borders of Ukraine. We have not seen evidence of this decline, “the joint statement said.

Ministers crisis diplomacy way Noting the importance of resolving the conflict with Russia,Russia Strategic Stability Dialogue, RussiaNATO Council and They called for accepting the offer of cooperation within the OSCE.

The statement included Canada in the G7, FranceGermany, Italy, Japan, Great BritainUS Secretary of State and also signed by a representative of the European Union Foreign Ministry.

Western intelligence and Other sources have been warning for months that the Russian army has been gathering near Ukraine. Western countries believe that, The Kremlin is planning an attack on the neighboring state.

Moscow denies the allegations and claims to be conducting military exercises on its territory.

On February 15, the Russian Defense Ministry visited the West and Southern military units have announced that they are returning to their permanent bases from training near Ukraine. NATO countries and Ukraine says it has not yet seen the withdrawal of Russian troops.

U.S. President Co Biden considers that, The threat of Russian intervention in Ukraine remains “extremely high.”


Azerbaijan news

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