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What are the three principles put forward by the President before the chief executives?


President Ilham Aliyev execution modern purpose in management in his speech during the new appointments to the post of president and In explaining what tasks are, he based them on three important principles. The first is to gain the sympathy of the citizen in the implementation of governance, ie citizen satisfaction, and the second is that each official is a servant of the people and and the third was that the position was not a high privilege, but a high responsibility. ”

“It is really possible to have only these three important qualities, or to achieve the best results in modern management by building on these three principles. The Azerbaijani society also expects from officials the responsibilities arising from the above principles execution due to making. Unfortunately that, who still perceive the position in some cases not as a responsibility, but as a special privilege and We also come across officials who see their authority as a means to pursue their own interests. At the same time, we are witnessing it that, laws of this type of officials, regardless of the position they hold snowthey have to answer. This, in turn, leads to both the personal tragedy of the officials and the damage to public confidence, the official or the public official. snowleads to mistrust. The result is all the losers. “

Hikmet Babaoglu thinks that, President Ilham Aliyev’s instructions are only newly appointed execution should be a line of action for all officials, not for bosses:


Azerbaijan news

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