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Apple has postponed the foldable iPhone and is working on a foldable MacBook


Display Supply Chain Consultants company analyst Ross YoungAccording to Apple likely that, foldable iPhone has postponed the presentation of the model until 2025. Instead, the company has a foldable screen MacBook decided to work on. This was stated in a new report submitted by the analyst. Those report Covers Apple foldable devices. It should be noted that, Information about Apple’s foldable iPhone model has been around for a long time that, walk in the middle. It was mentioned in previous reports that, The company plans to launch such a smartphone in 2023 and or will present in 2024. It is unknown why Apple may postpone the foldable iPhone until 2025.

Some insiders say that, The company is not in a hurry to enter the market of folding smartphones. Despite the postponement of the foldable iPhone model, the company is considering the option of developing foldable laptops. It was noted in the report that, the company with partners engaged in the production of components for their products 20 inches discusses the production of a foldable device with a screen. Analyst noted that, Apple 20 Inch-sized screen targeting that screen 4K and or will be of higher quality. Analyst said that, The company will not introduce a foldable laptop until 2025. He thinks so that, The most logical time interval for the sale of such a device is 2026 and or 2027.

Azerbaijan news

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