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Apple has suspended the use of a camera integrated into the bottom of the screen on the iPhone


Apple company’s protruding screen iPhone New information has been provided about his plans to present the model and The information provided is not good news at all. So. that, insiders said that, has postponed the launch of the iPhone model with a front camera integrated at the bottom of the screen. Apple has been around for years that, works on the technology of placing the front camera at the bottom of the screen. However, insiders reported that, Last month, the company’s management focused on face scanning technology Face IDdecided to dedicate to the improvement of The report also said that, before Touch ID The team involved in the technology also joined the Face ID team.

Insiders said that, Currently, the front camera integrated into the bottom of the screen does not meet the company’s high standards. That’s it according to also this year’s front camera iPhone 14 no need to wait in the smartphone series. The iPhone, which has a front-facing camera integrated into the bottom of the screen, is not expected to go on sale until 2023. It should be noted that, however, Apple is constantly improving its Face ID technology. For example, some time ago, the company introduced a new feature for Face ID and this feature allows the user to scan his face even when using a protective mask.

Azerbaijan news

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