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Biden agrees to meet with Putin

European observers note an increase in ceasefire violations in recent days. Western officials do so according to accuses separatists

President of the United States Cho Biden Russian colleague for a few days Vladimir Putininitially agreed to meet with The goal is to dissuade the Kremlin leader from invading Ukraine.

“If the occupation does not happen,” said the US Secretary of State on February 24 Anthony Blinkenand Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will meet. It’s February 20White House spokesman in a statement Jen Psaki announced.

Biden Will hold a virtual meeting with the G7

He discussed the idea of ​​a bilateral meeting with both leaders yesterday President of France Emmanuel Macron put forward.

No specific date or venue has been announced for the summit. With Biden Putin They met for the first time as heads of state in Geneva in June. The summit came after Russia began gathering troops near Ukraine in the spring.

Before the expected summit Biden will hold a virtual meeting with the leaders of the G7 on February 24. The United States, which is a member of the G7, Britain, FranceGermany, Canada, Italy and Japan will discuss the crisis created by Russia’s troops on the border.

“Full-scale attack”

The US President said on February 18 that, Putin is “convinced” of his decision to occupy Ukraine and this can happen in a few days. According to Biden according to, Putin if it carries out an attack, the United States and European allies will impose sanctions on Russia.

Russia currently has more than 150,000 troops around Ukraine.

The Kremlin of Ukraine NATOis trying to prevent its membership and return this country to its sphere of influence.

Russia He has repeatedly stated that he has no plans to invade Ukraine and has begun withdrawing some of his forces. USA and NATO but they say they see no sign of retreat.

Psaki February 20noted once again that, “Russia seems to be preparing for a full-scale attack on Ukraine soon.”

Ceasefire violations

The United States has been warning in recent weeks that, Russia He may launch a “fake flag” operation in the east of the country to justify the attack on Ukraine.

For eight years, the Ukrainian government has been waging war on Russian-backed separatists in two eastern provinces.

The sides have reached a ceasefire several times so far. European observers note an increase in ceasefire violations in recent days. Western officials do so according to accuses separatists.

Putin did not shoot according to He blames Ukraine, which raises concerns that he could use it as an excuse for occupation.


Azerbaijan news

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