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Donald Trump’s social network Truth Social has been launched


Former US President, as expected Donald Trumpteam Truth Social called social launched the network. In question social network application Apple of the company App Store launched for American users on the platform. It should be noted that, Donald Trump announced for the first time last year that it would launch its own social network. So called Truth Social social in terms of network design Twitterreminds of. Donald Trump was actively using Twitter at the time. However, in early 2021, Twitter permanently blocked his account. Sharing on Twitter tweet is called. In Truth Social, sharing is called truths. On this social network, users can share their favorite shares with their friends and they can comment on them.

Those who want to use the new social network will have to register on the platform’s website. To do this, enter your username on the platform’s website and you will need to enter your email address. However, some users could not log in to the social network after registration. Others said that, When you want to register on the site, the site restarts and advises those wishing to register to wait in line. Apparently, such problems have arisen due to the high activity observed in the social network. So. that, Former US President Donald Trump is still very popular among Americans. It should be noted that, In the development of the social network Truth Social Trump Media and Technology Group company attended.

Azerbaijan news

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