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According to the Russian Riya-Novosti news agency according toPresident of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on February 22 Moscow will be on an official visit. It is noted that, president Vladimir Putin With the leader of Azerbaijan politicaltrade and economic and plans to discuss the full range of issues related to the further development of bilateral relations in the humanitarian sphere.

Leaders 9 November 202011 January and Agreements dated November 26, 2021, including Azerbaijan’s economic development in the region and They will also consider the implementation of measures to restore transport links.

As a result of the talks Russia and Azerbaijan will sign a Declaration on Allied Powers, which will bring relations to the level of alliance.

Recall that, There is no press service of the President on the official visit of Ilham Aliyev to Russia information did not spread. Today Milli Assembly Defense, security and Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee Ziyafat Asgarov told the press that, President Ilham Aliyev’s official visit to Russia has been planned for a long time. “Official visits are planned in advance, the agenda of the visit and the issues to be discussed are determined. During the visit in various fields snowDocuments on further development of bilateral relations may be signed. This confirms that the visit has been planned for a long time. This visit to Azerbaijan-Russia will be the next step towards further development of relations “– he noted.

A day before the visit, he received today the EU Representative for the South Caucasus Tovio Klaari President Ilham Aliyev said that, Intensive negotiations on an agreement on cooperation between the European Union and Azerbaijan and instructed the relevant agencies to complete it as soon as possible. Klaar noted that, The EU is ready to support Azerbaijan in clearing mines.

Political Analyst Azer Gasimli told that, The announcement of Ilham Aliyev’s visit was a bit unexpected:

“It is true that Ziyafat Asgarov made a statement that, The official visit was planned in advance, but I think that, not exactly. Russia writes the media that, in the morning Moscow Russia and Azerbaijan will sign a declaration of alliance and relations will reach a higher level. So, preliminary discussions on the signing of this declaration and an agreement has been reached. I consider that, Discussions were held even before the 44-day war. It is possible that some framework of this agreement has been discussed and established, but over the past year it has begun to be filled.

The expert adds that, Although this trip was unexpected, Putin It was on this eve that he decided to raise the issue he had agreed with Ilham Aliyev from the beginning. He reminds that, Russia is currently serious among the West over the Ukrainian crisis snowThere is a rush: “In this situation, Russia wants to show that, There are about ten countries in the post-Soviet space, and the states that left the USSR are with it. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, of course that, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan will also be included. In particular, Azerbaijan. “

A.Gasimli considers this step of Baku wrong. Notes that, Ilham Aliyev is a leader from the Soviet elite who cannot go beyond Putin’s interests: “I consider that, Azerbaijan is gradually losing its independence. Let’s not hurry, let’s study all the issues included in the declaration “.

Emphasizes the analyst that, If they put the issue in this way, that is, without discussing it in the country, without seeing the society, then there is nothing good here:

“Let me add that that, We must maintain our independence and agree with Russia on the withdrawal of peacekeepers. If we do not need to deploy military bases of other countries in Azerbaijan, let it be in return. But they had to leave Karabakh and to our work snowthey should not work. If the declaration does not contain them, any agreement will serve Russia’s interests and everything will be at his dictation. “


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