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Putin is in the grip: war is inevitable … – 24 hours


Author: Seymour Hazi

Writes Independent (Turkish) that, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in a speech at the Munich Security Council that, He called on Russia for another diplomatic dialogue. He wrote a letter to the Kremlin’s chief diplomat Sergei Lavrov. Stoltenberg said that, Russia He is looking for an excuse to invade Ukraine. NATO The Secretary General gave another interesting piece of information. According to him according tofor the first time in Europe since the Cold War that, so many soldiers were brought to combat training. This is evident from the statement of the leader of the world’s number one military alliance that, the situation is not as complex as expected. Over time, the number of steps to overcome the crisis is declining. The reason is both the escalation of tensions and the parties’ approach to the process as a life-and-death battle.

But how is it really? Is this really a life-and-death war? and for whom?

Russia is experiencing its own crisis

What is happening around Ukraine is essentially the same Putin of power political is a crisis of legitimacy. A Russian who has never relied on legal legitimacy political the elite is always an imperialist who stands for occupation political based on legitimacy. The tsars, the leaders of the Communist Party, the leaders of independent Russia have always faced these tests. For example, Gorbachev, who withdrew Soviet troops from Afghanistan, is remembered as one of the more crippled than Khrushchev, who created the Caribbean crisis. Democrat Yeltsin is remembered for saying that he would “almost destroy Russia” because he did not attack anyone. Putin and is squeezed between the iron arms of a more terrible clamp. Unlike his predecessors, he has an influential rival both in the country and in the world. The “Navalny poisoning” case was remembered as an operation that Putin failed to do in all cases. Of course, this has not been proven in court, but world public opinion is not on Putin’s side in this dispute. Putin He created a “union of unrecognized states” and challenged international law, but what he lost economically pushed him into a corner. Military equipment sold to the world during the 44-day Karabakh war and the loss of ammunition called into question its military might. Ukraine has started to buy Bayraktar from Turkey, but Russia knows that, NATO it has the superior quality of weapons. The European Union’s enlargement program strengthens the administrative-political siege by taking the countries to its borders one by one. This is the landscape Russia judge is the appearance of the beginning of the end in the elite. Because there is no bright future on the horizon.

  1. There is no democracy
  2. Economic freedom and social there is no prosperity
  3. There is no future for imperialist politics
  4. Putin’s people’s problems and has nothing to do with dreams

In this case, war is inevitable. The Tsar’s thesis that “we need a small military victory” before the Japanese war, as before, puts Putin to the end. Because in all cases, it’s the world and to its new order snowis a war. Putin knows very well that, is the end of the system. He just doesn’t want to fall. Because his personal ego is too high for the interests of all of Russia, he has drawn his people into a war with the world and into the world. snowwants to show that he fought.

The way back to the West

If we add to the above quotes of the NATO Secretary General US President Biden’s statement “If Russia intervenes in Ukraine, we will do everything” that, It is not about the strategic withdrawal of the Western bloc. There are clear savings in the alliance that, Prolonged nervous exhaustion exhausts Russia. From the economic point of view, the blows are in place, social– Psychologically, the Kremlin is getting weaker every day. This allows the Western bloc to make good use of time. In any case, military intervention will create a difficult situation for Russia, but the consequences of defeat without a war will be longer.

Azerbaijan news

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