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The fortune teller who received 2 million from Karam Hasanov’s sister was arrested in the courtroom

The court proceedings on taking 2 million manat from a citizen in the name of fortune-telling have been completed. Two people accused in this case – Shafag Ismiyeva and Ceyhun ZeynallıThe verdict was read in the Baku Court of Grave Crimes on February 21. According to the verdict, Zeynalli was sentenced to 11 years, and Ismiyeva 10 was sentenced to one year in prison.

Here is the victim Rena Agarzayeva Aide to President Ilham Aliyev, President She is the sister of Karam Hasanov, the head of the state control department of the administration.

Ismiyeva was not in custody during the trial. He was arrested in the courtroom immediately after the verdict was announced.

Saying the last word before the verdict Ceyhun Zeynallı stressed his innocence. He said that, Although Shafaq had some kind of relationship with a man, he did not know that she was a fortune teller. Zeynalli added that he had never talked to Agarzayeva, that he had not met with her, and that there was no evidence to prove his alliance with Shafag. that, No comprehensive investigation has been conducted into this case: “Someone says my phone is broken, someone says my phone fell into the water. Even if the phone is broken, it would be possible to access the Instagram account and find out the truth by looking at the correspondence between Shafag and him. ”

Zeynalli stressed at the end of his speech that, He does not ask the court for mercy, but for justice: “He wants mercy that, let it be your fault. I have not committed any crime. My relationship with that woman was immoral. This is my shame, my mistake. But I was not involved in issues such as fortune-telling and fraud. “

İsmiyeva and in his last words he pleaded guilty and asked the court to sentence him to a non-custodial sentence, taking into account his two minor children.

She is also with the victim, Rena Agarzayeva’s husband, Sanan Agarzayev 10 signed an agreement worth 500,000 manat on the condition of paying 1,000 manat.

After the verdict, a dispute arose between Zeynalli’s family members and Rena Agarzayeva: “By order of your brother Karam Hasanov, you sent an innocent man to prison for 11 years. But God is great. Where does all that money come from? that, would you give 2 million to a fortune teller? The time will come and you will be held accountable. ”

It is claimed in the materials of the criminal case that, Shafag Ismiyeva posted an announcement on her Instagram page about divination. She introduced herself as Maya. According to the indictment, he told Rena Agarzayeva after starting negotiations with her that, Another fortune teller named Dmitry, who lives in Russia, will be needed to solve the problem.

Sanan Agarzayev said in court that, He is not interested in detaining the accused, but in returning their money. I want my money back. “


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