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US company Clearview AI creates system for tracking everyone on the planet (VIDEO)

Of the United States Clearview AI gathers a database that can identify all the people on Earth. About this The Washington Post reported. Representatives of Clearview AI told investors that, By the end of 2022, theyindex of facesWill create. Such a database 100 billion photo will be included. Thus the Earth 7 billion to the share of each person in the population 14 photos falls. They are arresting processes all over the world and will be used in surveillance systems used by law enforcement agencies to conduct criminal investigations. It was noted in the report that, 2020The database in question since 3 billion from the photo 10 billion photos grew up as. The system itself every month 1.5 billion photos is processed. This technology from Clearview AI is considered to be larger than the systems used in China. According to the information, the photos in this project are without the permission of users social from networks and collected from other internet resources.

The company said that, its database is already in any state and It is 11 times larger than such a database owned by a non-governmental organization. It was noted in the report that, Clearview AI is basically a state budget and funded by contracts. It was noted in the report that, The main purpose of the presentation held by the company is to obtain additional funds from investors. The company said that, in addition 50 million dollars make additions to the database thanks to the investment in value and It will be possible to increase the number of employees of the company. In addition, the investment will be used to make the necessary payments to politicians. So. that, politicians should lobby for such a product at the state level. The company sells its system to law enforcement agencies as well as banks and retailers and intends to sell to e-commerce companies. The company said that, he does not want to limit himself only to the identification of faces and to it according to is also working on several new technologies.

Some states in the United States and Although the use of facial scanning technology is banned in cities, in general, US law does not yet regulate the use of such technology. Amazon, IBM, Google and Microsoft Large companies such as They said that, they do not want to operate such systems unless they are properly regulated. Facebook, Google, Twitter and Youtube such representatives demanded from Clearview AI that, he should stop collecting photos from their sites and should delete photos already collected. And the company To the first amendment to the US Constitution (word and ensuring freedom of the press) refuses to compromise.

Some representatives of the US government also told Clearview AI snowthey came out. Some senators will ban the company’s funding from the state budget the law proposed projects. However, the company currently has a large number of lawsuits, not only in the United States, but also in other countries and with restrictions snowşı-snowShiite remained. Sweden police local government for using the product of Clearview AI in 2021 police punished the administration. In addition, the company filed a collective lawsuit in the federal court of Canada, Canada, Sweden and State survey in the UK, FranceGreece and In Italy, it has faced complaints of information security breaches.

Azerbaijan news

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