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A new Android virus called Xenomorph has begun to spread on Google Play under the guise of a regular application


Specialists Xenomorph new called Android virus reported about. New virus detected Google Play Store spread over. According to analysts, the virus is already there 50,000 units infected the device. It was noted in the report that, A virus called xenomorph primarily searches for important financial information on devices. The virus is currently under development. However, it is already in Spain, Italy and Portugal and To clients of financial institutions in countries such as Belgium snowcarries out cyber attacks. Experts have already identified the Xenomorph virus that, his code Alien other called bank very similar to the Trojan code.

From here, experts have come to such a conclusion that, The xenomorph virus is either a successor to the Alien virus, or the developers created the viruses at the same time. Xenomorph virus contains important financial information after entering the system of the device and gaining control over user accounts and seeks to carry out unauthorized transactions. All information collected by the virus is then sold to those who are interested in this information. Xenomorph virus Google Available in the Play Store Fast Cleaner disguised as an application called According to the information, the application has 50,000 downloads. It should be noted that, Another named Alien bank Trojans spread in the same way. Work is still underway on the xenomorph and Due to its improvement, experts have difficulty in providing accurate information about all the features it has.

Azerbaijan news

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