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According to Azerbaijani MPs, they wanted to block the road in Yerevan

From Azerbaijan at the Euronest summit in Yerevan deputiess participation in this organization Parliament The head of the Armenian delegation to the Assembly, Maria Karapetyan, also confirmed it.

He told RFE / RL’s Armenian Service, Azatutyun that, Two deputies from Azerbaijan and One of their escorts is currently in Yerevan.
Ms. Karapetyan added that, The event will not be broadcast live on TV:
“Euronestin is here today Parliament A meeting of the Bureau of the Assembly is being held and These meetings are not broadcast in any country or city. Ours Milli Meetings of the Assembly are not broadcast live. There is no need to create tension around it. Tomorrow is a full working day. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. politicalenergy, economic and social There will be committee meetings. ”

Security guarantee
Azatuyun writes that, Armenian side Azerbaijan deputiesı Tahir Mirkişiliye and Soltan Mammadov was given a security guarantee.
Of Armenia judge From the “Civil Contract” party deputy Maria Karapetyan said that, this is a normal procedure and When the Euronest event was held in Baku in 2017, Azerbaijan also provided security guarantees to the Armenian delegation.
In Baku in 2017 deputies Mane Tandilyan and They were Armen Ashotyan.
However, the arrival of Azerbaijani guests was not without excitement.
Azatutyun reports that, a group of citizens weather tried to prevent Azerbaijani MPs from entering Yerevan by blocking the port.
The road was reportedly opened after police intervention.
“Conflict” issues will not be discussed
Euronest EU Eastern Partnership countries – Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and It is a cooperation platform of Georgia.
The meetings are held alternately in the territory of these six countries.
Azerbaijan refused to send a representative to the 2015 Euronest meeting in Yerevan.
The last time Azerbaijani representatives attended an Euronest event in Yerevan was in 2012.
The meeting is being held at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex.
Human rights, democracy, economy on the agenda and There are issues related to energy security.
Ms Karapetyan said that, “Conflict-related” issues were not on the agenda.


Azerbaijan news

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