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Against high prices – tax breaks will be applied to food imported into the country

Customs duties on food products included in the minimum consumer basket imported to Azerbaijan and VAT exemptions will be provided. This is reflected in the decree signed by Prime Minister Ali Asadov “On urgent measures to strengthen anti-inflation measures in the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

According to the decree, in order to reduce the impact of import inflation in 2022, the State Customs Committee of the Ministry of Economy and Imported with the Ministry of Finance and in relation to food products in the minimum consumer basket and customs duties applied to the import of intermediate products used in domestic production, covering a specific area and granting of value-added tax exemptions, storage at customs and submit submitted agreed proposals on optimization of loading and unloading costs to the Cabinet of Ministers within 15 days.

Let `s note that, minimum consumption basket – human health and food, non-food products necessary for the minimum level of life activity and is a set of services defined on the basis of scientific norms.


Azerbaijan news

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