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Baku girl who ruled the empire, threw her headscarf and died in exile…

Yadigar Sadiqli

This time he laid the foundation of the Pahlavi dynasty in Iran Rza from the shah’s wife Nimtaj khanum and or in the name of sovereignty, we will speak of the Crown.

He was born in 1896 in Baku. His father, Teymur khan Ayrimli, was a soldier in the Russian army, but served in the Cossack brigade established in Iran. This brigade was established in 1879 at the request of Nasreddin Shah, who admired the Russian Cossacks. Most of the officers in the Cossack brigade, which consists mainly of Iranian Azerbaijanis Russia were the military.

It is unknown when Teymur Khan took his family to Iran. It is known that, In 1916 20 old daughter Nimtac 38-year-old Cossack colonel Rza marries the khan. The star is shining fast Rza The khan’s marriage to the daughter of an influential general plays a special role in his future rise.

In 1916, the Cossack brigade became a division. In February 1921, the commander of the division became the first Iranian citizen – Rza khan. One month later, on February 21, the Cossacks captured Tehran and overthrew the government. Ahmed Shah Gajar Seyid under pressure ZiyaAddin Tabatabai was forced to appoint a prime minister. At that time, Rza khan, who was still Savadkuhi by the name of the place where he was born, was satisfied with the post of military minister.

In 1921-1923, several prime ministers changed in Iran, while the defense minister remained unchanged. Finally, in late October 1923, Reza Khan himself became prime minister. The last Gajar ruler, Ahmad Shah, who completely lost control of the situation, took his family and went abroad.

In October 1925, the Majlis deprived Ahmad Shah of the throne. Reza Shah first Turkey and Mustafa Kamal pasha thought of building a republic, but to this idea snowSeeing serious resistance, he agreed to become a king. On December 15, the Assembly elected him the new Shah of Iran. Mrs. Nimtaj also became the wife of the shah, and later accepted the title of Tajulmulk.

The newly crowned couple already had four children. Their first child, Shams Pahlavi, was born in 1917. In 1919, they had twin children, a son, Mohammad Reza and girl Ashraf. Finally, in 1922, another boy named Ali Reza was born. After ascending the throne, they had no more children.

Shah was still in 1922 Turan Emir Suleymani was married to Asmat Dovletshahi in 1923. Both women were from the Gajar dynasty. He soon divorced Rza Turan, but he loved Asmati very much.

Asmet Dovletshahi

However, Tajulmulk was the mother of his crown prince. Other wives also had sons, but they could not be crown princes because they belonged to the Gajar clan. This fact gave the Crown a special status.

Shah visited Turkey in 1934 and Here he got acquainted with Ataturk’s modernization policy. There was no need for an interpreter between the two leaders. Rza Shah, who speaks Azerbaijani and Turkish-speaking Ataturk understood each other.

Returning from Turkey, the Shah is taking more decisive steps to modernize Iran and among them the emancipation of women had a special place. To them ali The right to education was granted, and all public catering establishments were open to women. Female teachers in 1933, and schoolchildren in 1935 and student girls were encouraged to take off their headscarves.

This policy encouraged women members of the royal family to play a role in public life. Of 1936 Januaryon the 8th of Tacülmulk and He and his two daughters, Reza Shah, attended a graduation ceremony at Tehran Pedagogical College. All three women were wearing headscarves and Western clothing. Their pictures were published in newspapers and On the same day, the shah issued a decree banning the wearing of the hijab, which will be called “kashf-e hijab” (opening of the hijab). After that, both Tajulmulk and his daughters began to play a greater role in public life.


In the summer of 1941, the Great Iran Britain and It was occupied by the USSR troops. The two countries accused the king of pursuing a pro-German policy and forced him to relinquish the throne in favor of his son. The former shah was sent first to Mauritius and then to South Africa. Tajulmulk chose to stay with her son rather than go with her husband. A year after Reza Shah’s death, Gulam Hussein married Sahib Divani in 1945, but divorced five years later.

Mohammad Reza Shah had been married to Fevziya, the daughter of the Egyptian king, since 1939.

They had a daughter named Shahnaz in 1940. However, the marriage did not last long and so-called according to, the king’s mother also had a special role in this. As a result, Fevzi went to Egypt in 1945 and refused to return. The couple divorced in 1948.

Shah has no children with his next wife, Surayya Bakhtiyari according to divorced.

Finally, his third wife, Farah Diba, gave birth to the long-awaited Crown Prince, Rza, named after his grandfather. In 1967, for the first time in Muslim Iran, the Shah’s wife was crowned and Farah was officially awarded the title of Shahbanu. Tajulmulk did not attend the ceremony itself, but the next banquet. It may be that, it was a sign that he did not like what was happening.

Tajulmulk, one of his daughters and Unlike his bride, he did not take part in public affairs or charity, but he was not completely inactive. For example, he built a medical facility now called Shahid Rajai Cardiology Hospital.

His influence was great. Ali Patrick, grandson of Ali Rza, son of Ali Rza, who died in a plane crash in 1954, and criticizing in other actions according to When arrested, Tajulmulk hired snowworked and achieved the freedom of his grandson.

Tajulmulk hosted a banquet twice a year. One was on October 31 (9 Aban), the birthplace of Crown Prince Rza, and the other was August 19 (28 Mordad), the prime minister of 1951-1953, who overthrew Prime Minister Mohammad Musaddiq, who was about to overthrow the monarchy.

In late 1978, when the revolutionary movement in Iran was in full swing, the Shah sent his mother to the United States to Beverly Hills, where his eldest daughter, Shams, lived. But after a while, students studying in the United States tried to attack the house. As a result, the family moved to Palm Springs, California, and then to Mexico.

Born in Baku and ruled in Tehran, Nimtaj Tajulmulk died in 1982 at the age of 86 in Acapulco, Mexico.

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