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Information was provided on the technical features and price of Apple’s mixed reality device


Digitimes site Apple of the company snowlight reality (AR + VR) provided new information about the device. Approximate technical features of the device, price in the information provided and when it will go on sale. Thus, according to the information provided Apple snowhas completed the second stage of technical testing of the light reality device and may present it at the end of 2022. It was noted in the report that, snowlight reality device 4K a few pieces of quality micro-LED will be equipped with a screen.

Likely that, conversation, some time ago Sony submitted by 4000 × 4000 pixel quality 1.4 inches goes from screens. It is assumed that, When sales of the device start, it $ 3150 will be sold at a price. It was noted in previous information leaks that, The mixed reality device must also be equipped with 2 processors. One of them 4 nanometerswhile the other 5 nanometers should be. One of the processors in its own right according to Apple M1 will be at the same level as the processor. In addition, the device is expected to acquire a gesture control system.

Azerbaijan news

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