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What is in the 43-point declaration and what is not

On February 22 Moscow “With the Republic of Azerbaijan Russia Alliance between the federations snowDeclaration on “Interaction” was signed.

Document of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Russia President of the Federation Vladimir Putin signed.
The document consists of 43 items and It was also released by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.
In the introduction to the declaration Russia and In international and regional organizations of which Azerbaijan is a member snowThe intention to develop joint activities on issues of mutual interest is noted.
It is added that, that the parties are interested in the development of integration processes in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and take into account the key role of the Russian Federation in the relevant efforts.
“Russia and Azerbaijan allied its relations snowmutual activity, independence of the two countries, state sovereignty, territorial integrity and mutual respect for the inviolability of state borders, as well as non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality of rights and mutual benefit, peaceful settlement of disputes and not to use force and or on a commitment to non-threatening force. ” – written in item 1 of the document.
It is also mentioned in Article 7 that, Russia and Azerbaijan is the same on current international issues and or deepen constructive cooperation by taking close positions:
“Russia and According to one of the parties, Azerbaijan is committed to the strategic partnership between the two countries and refrain from any actions that could damage allied relations. To this end, they are establishing a permanent consultation mechanism through the foreign ministries of the two countries. ”

The Azerbaijani side in the document 2020Fire in the region in November and appreciates the mediating role of the Russian Federation in the complete cessation of all military operations. Also highlighted that, Azerbaijan, Armenia and They support the implementation of the provisions of the tripartite statements signed by the Russian leadership.
“Russia and Organizations in the territories of Azerbaijan and to the state sovereignty and independence of the other Party and resolutely prevent their activities against territorial integrity. ” It is also emphasized in Article 11.
Moreover, it is noted that, parties national responding to interests and bilateral military non-aggression against third countriespolitical develop cooperation.
At the same time, taking into account the international legal obligations of each of the parties, they may consider the possibility of providing military assistance.
“The Parties shall refrain from any action against each other, including those carried out through third countries.” – It is also written in paragraph 17.
To you according toRussia and Azerbaijan directly to the interests of the other side and or refrain from carrying out any economic activities that cause indirect harm.
The parties also discussed metallurgy, oil and gasgasaviation, carchemistry, pharmaceuticals, light industry, agriculture, road construction and food will allow further development of economic relations between machine-building enterprises.
At the same time they are creditbank activities of organizations, development of cooperation of financial institutions and They also express their readiness to assist in the establishment of joint ventures, including other organizational and economic structures.
“The parties are in mutual settlements national use of currencies, bank They will allow for the compatibility of payment systems, including joint services to the cards, as well as the development of direct correspondent relations between the banks of the two countries. – It is also stated in Article 28.
The document also states that that, The parties will also consider the possibility of developing mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
Further in the declaration information-communication technologies and Other issues are also discussed.


Azerbaijan news

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