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Erdogan talks about opening border with Armenia


“We know that Armenia has concrete expectations, such as opening borders and establishing diplomatic relations”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan again spoke about the possibility of improving relations with Armenia. He said that, If Yerevan remains committed to the normalization process between the two countries, it will open its borders and re-establish diplomatic relations.

Erdogan, who returned from Africa on February 23, told reporters that, “We know that Armenia has concrete expectations, such as opening borders and establishing diplomatic relations.”
“Closed doors…”
“If Armenia continues the process started with special ambassadors, the closed doors will not remain closed,” he said.
Armenia and Ambassadors of Turkey Januaryon the 14th Moscow held the first round of talks. The goal is to normalize relations after years of animosity.

Armenia in negotiations parliament speaker Deputy Ruben Rubinyan and Turkey is represented by former US Ambassador to the United States Sardar Kilic. According to the Armenian Foreign Ministry according toparty relations “through dialogue” and agreed on the need to work on unconditional settlement.
Negotiations will continue tomorrow
The second round of talks is scheduled for February 24 in Vienna.
The massacre of Armenians during the Ottoman Empire in 1915 historically complicated relations between Armenia and Turkey.
However, Turkey shares a border with Armenia over its Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Azerbaijan according to closed. Ankara border in 1993, Armenian Karabakh and closed 7 surrounding districts after capture.
Azerbaijan 2020to a part of Karabakh as a result of the 44-day war in and regained control of 7 surrounding districts. To the line of contact of troops and In the corridor of Lachin Russia troops were deployed.


Azerbaijan news

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