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He spoke about the burial of his daughter Kamil Jalilov in the 2nd Alley of Honors


President We thank Ilham Aliyev on behalf of our family. ”

The statement came from Gulshan Jalilova, daughter of the late People’s Artist Kamil Jalilov. Gulshan Jalilova stressed that the artist died in the blink of an eye:

President Moscow Despite so much hard work and meetings, Kamil Jalilov took note of his art and instructed to bury him in the 2nd Alley of Honors. My father died in a minute, he was healthy, he did not have any disease, he did not have any pain. Suddenly he passed by where he was sitting. It was Water Wednesday, all the kids were eating and drinking holiday have spent. At 22:30 his condition worsened and he passed away at the same time. Nobody would have thought of it that, My father will not be here in two hours, he will die. We did not even know his will. If he was ill, he would still make a will. It’s called sudden death. “

People’s Artist Kamil Jalilov has died today at the age of 84.


Azerbaijan news

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