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The book “Sumgayit” published in three languages ​​was presented in Turkey


Ankara / 23.02.22 Turkish President in Ankara execution Well-known lawyer in the “Nation” library and Researcher Aslan Ismayilov’s book “Sumgayit” was presented.

The book was published in Istanbul by Nestor Publishing House in November 2021 in Turkish and English and published in French. Foreword to the book “Sumgayit” to Turkey snowAuthor of fundamental works that refute the baseless allegations of “Armenian genocide” president Erdogan’s chief adviser Seyid Sartcelik wrote.

Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ankara, “Millet” library and The presentation, co-organized by Nestor Publishing House, was attended by Turkish scientists.political community, students and The media showed great interest.

Speaking at the presentation, high-ranking government officials, parliamentarians and students described the publication of the book “Sumgyit”, written on the basis of rich archival materials in three languages, as one of the important events in the field of research in Turkey.

Speakers spoke about the purchase of the book by important libraries, its inclusion in the textbook, the filming of the book and ali stressed the importance of reading as an additional book in schools.

After the presentation of the book “Sumgayit” Turan Speaking to the News Agency, the author of the book, Aslan Ismayilov, said: “This book, which I wrote on the basis of documents, is for us snowdescribes the first scene of the game. I opened the inside of these games. The events in Sumgayit were organized by the USSR State Security Committee, the aim was to prepare the ground for the decision to annex Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia. Armenians tried to show the world as “savages” under the pretext of the Sumgayit incident, a few days later the events began in Khankendi, then the Khojaly genocide was committed, and then they occupied our lands. The starting point of all of them was the incident committed by the USSR KGB in Sumgayit. I thank Nestor Publishing House, which published my book in three languages ​​in Turkey. The release of “Sumgayit” in Turkey for years and I was waiting for the presentation. Turkey president I was very pleased with the presentation held at the Millet Library. To Seyid Sartcelik, Chief Advisor to the President, who wrote the foreword to my book, to the politicians, scholars who addressed the presentation, and to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ankara, especially the Ambassador and I thank the embassies of some other countries in Ankara. `Nation` library and Turkish culture and Libraries affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism will receive my book “Sumgayit” in three languages. I think this is a positive event for an Azerbaijani author. I am also very pleased with the interest shown by the Turkish media in the presentation, most media outlets reported on the presentation. The speakers at the ceremony called for a film based on my book, for some parts to be included in textbooks, ali suggested that schools be read as extra books in history sections, all of which make me happy. I hope that that,Publication of my book “Sumgayit” in other countries and The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry will send relevant instructions to our embassies to organize the presentation. Nestor Publishing House and also plans to organize a signing ceremony. Many in Azerbaijan think so that, As soon as he publishes any book, Turkey becomes aware of it. However, it is not a long process to promote books, organize sales and hold presentations. I once again express my gratitude to Nestor Publishing House for the success of this work on my book Sumgayit.

2020The main purpose of Nestor Publishing House, established in Istanbul in the autumn of 2006, is Azerbaijan, Russian and of world literature and to publish valuable works of science in Turkey and introduce them to readers. Among the books published by the publishing house in a short time are Ahmad Agaoglu, Mohammad Amin Rasulzade, Vagif Sultanli. and b. There are works by important authors.

`Nestor` in the near future Mohammad Amin Rasulzade’s` Azerbaijani poet Nizami`, Aybaniz Rahimova’s `Gulam Mammadli and description` and `Scientists of the Turkish world. Philology-Azerbaijan` books, seven books of prose works by Rustam Ibrahimbayov, FMDostoevsky’s `Crime and plans to publish the novel Punishment (translated from the 1866 version), the stories of Vagif Sultanli. –0—

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