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US sanctions have angered Moscow

Two states of Canada bankDozens of financial transactions have been banned

Moscow United States Russia sanctions imposed on him acreacted positively.

President of the United States on February 22 Cho Biden Russia banks and had imposed sanctions on individuals.

Russia The Foreign Ministry said in a statement on February 23 that, Moscow will respond harshly to these sanctions:

“It simply came to our notice then that, “These sanctions will be met with a response that may be asymmetrical and painful for the American side.”

Sanctions against Russia are growing

Canada, Japan and The Australian government is also the President of Russia Vladimir Putinseparatist DPR in eastern Ukraine and Recognition of LXR institutions according to Sanctions were imposed on Moscow.

Prime Minister of Canada Castin Trudeau To Russia snowhas announced the first package of economic sanctions. Government Canadian citizens and companies “DPR” (“Donetsk People’s Republic”) and The People’s Republic of China (Luhansk People’s Republic) prohibits any financial transactions or the purchase or sale of sovereign debt bonds from Russia.

Duma members, financial sanctions

Sanctions are imposed on all members of the State Duma who voted for the recognition of the independence of the so-called “republics”.

Canada also did not disclose the names of the two states bankDozens of financial transactions have been banned.

Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kisida He called on Russia to “return to diplomatic steps to resolve the situation around Ukraine.” According to him according to“LXR” and Recognition of the independence of the People’s Republic of China “Sovereignty of Ukraine and is a violation of territorial integrity. “

Kisida will not issue visas to representatives of the so-called “republic”, their capital will be frozen, “DPR” and Export-import with LXR and He said that Russian bonds will be banned in Japan.


Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison also announced sanctions against Russia. Personal financial sanctions against eight members of the Security Council and travel ban will be applied. Crimea annexed by Russia and Sevastopol snowsanctions in force and It will also apply to the LXR.

Already Britain and The United States has also announced sanctions. Germany North Stream-2 gas suspended certification of the pipeline.

351 of the State Duma of the European Union deputyina, 27 legal and will impose sanctions on an individual.

Putin On February 21, two separatist regions in eastern Ukraine recognized them as independent states and announced that they would deploy troops there. Kiev, the UN, the West and other countries have condemned these steps.


Azerbaijan news

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