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According to Ilham Aliyev, the CSTO is not needed, Russia is enough

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev Russia As part of an official visit to the federation on February 23 in the TASS agency some of the country’s masses information met with the heads of vehicles. His wife Mehriban Aliyeva also attended the meeting.

According to AZERTAC according toDuring the meeting, the President was asked “Can Azerbaijan lean towards the Collective Security Treaty Organization?” To the answer of I.Aliyev according tois no secret to anyone that, Russia has a leading role in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO): “It has recently been demonstrated in the CIS. and even before the events in Kazakhstan, it was clear to everyone. Russia Allied relations with the Federation, as well as 43 items (Russia Declaration signed with) 2 – 6th and Paragraphs 16 – refer directly to issues related to the provision of military assistance, if necessary. In my opinion, this is enough. It is clear that, It is Russia that makes the CSTO the CSTO. “
To the President’s emphasis according toIf Russia is not in the CSTO, no one will remember: “Everything comes from this. Military relations between Russia and Azerbaijanpolitical One step has already been taken to increase the level of cooperation. With the exception of Armenia, we have very reliable, close and friendly relations with other members of the CSTO. In my opinion, after the end of the Second Karabakh War, relations with Armenia will normalize. In any case, we have officially stated our desire to conclude a peace agreement with Armenia. “
According to Ilham Aliyev, the declaration signed with Russia on February 22 is the answer to this question: “The same words apply to the question of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization.”
President Then he said: “… We take it as a basis here as well that, to what extent it will meet our economic interests, because it is our strategy and Our tactical steps are always based on our own resources and what we have. We want to create a self-sufficient economy and We have managed not to depend on international financial institutions or any other financial source. ”
Russia to the President of Azerbaijan and A question was also asked about Ukrainian relations. (At that time, Russia had not yet attacked Ukraine. But Russia is a separatist “Donetsk People’s Republic” in Ukraine. and Recognized the independence of the Luhansk People’s Republic – ed.)
“Everything is so new,” he said of the situation between Russia and Ukraine that, yet we are the only leading capitals, of course that, we see completely contradictory statements. I find it difficult to say how the situation will turn out. To Russia snowWhat will be the sanctions? After all, the West has not yet announced them. That is, some hints are made. “
According to Ilham Aliyev according toit is very difficult to predict at the moment: “But it is clear that, this is the beginning of a long process. It is unequivocal that, I probably think when the President of the Russian Federation made this decision that, He also noted that this process is long. I think so that, Russia, with its potential, geography and capabilities, is resistant to any kind of sanctions. This is my personal opinion and This is confirmed by the sanctions imposed on Russia. “
According to the President, in fact, these sanctions have helped Russian producers to reduce their dependence on imports: “That is, I am convinced. that, sanction way is inefficient. Of course, it will affect the Russian economy, of course that, will hurt. President Putin when you make that decision, probably that, he calculated it all. However, it will definitely hurt those who impose those sanctions. Because for export, it is difficult to find a second such promising market for high-tech products. That’s the maximum I can say. “
President Ilham Aliyev paid a visit to Russia from February 21 to 23. On February 22 Moscow “Alliance between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation snowDeclaration on “Interaction” was signed.
On February 21, Russia set up the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic in Ukraine. and Recognized the independence of the Luhansk People’s Republic. Six years ago, Russia annexed part of Ukraine. Today, February 24, Russia has launched a new attack on Ukraine.
Liquid in Kazakhstan earlier this year gasMass protests against the sharp rise in prices began. There were clashes with human casualties. At that time, Russian-led CSTO forces were deployed in the country.


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