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AZAL ran – Millions are blown to the sky, “flying” our pockets and budget

Azerbaijan The weather Evidence related to Roads Closed Joint-Stock Company (AZAL CJSC) and Numerous critical materials have been disseminated with evidence.

AZAL Presidents Cahangir It is no secret that Askerov has a multibillion-dollar business network, including companies and hotels registered in the name of his family members. Including everyone knows that, AZAL is the only monopolist in the country. That is, the first task of AZAL is people weather way safe with and to deliver to the countries they will go to on favorable terms. But AZAL does not fly prices. Today AZAL provides the most expensive service in the world weather way comes at the head of companies. In return for all this, AZAL announces that it ends the year with a loss at the end of each year. As it is known, the damage is paid annually from the state budget. In other words, AZAL, whose prices are “flying” and operating at a loss, is being helped at the expense of taxes paid by citizens. For example, 2020AZN 86,900,000 was paid to AZAL from the state budget in
“Financial support from the state budget is primarily in AZAL and salaries of employees of its subordinate organizations and to payments equivalent to it, foreign and internal institutions snowcreditor debts, utilities and It is aimed at covering a number of other minimum operating costs, ”the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

Let’s add it that, 2020AZN 230.9 million was allocated to AZAL in the state budget for 2011. Of course that, It is known that the pandemic period affected all areas. Countries have closed air and land borders and It was impossible for AZAL to operate flights at such a time. She according to also AZAL’s 2020How to justify the end of the year with a loss that, AZAL and other relevant agencies do so.

Well 2018What prevented AZAL from making money in 2012?

Again, the official figures according toAZAL (AZAL, “BUTA”) 2018A total of 208,233,000 manat was lost in 2012. This loss is 20.8 percent more than in 2017. In other words, AZAL lost 173 million 527 thousand 500 manat in 2017. In the absence of an alternative company to compete in the market, AZAL, a company that sets its own prices and buys fuel free of charge from the state, is operating at a loss, in return for which the company’s president Cahangir Askerov billion dollars The rumors about the existence of a business empire worth it give grounds to say so that, they not only rob people’s pockets, but also “blow up” the state budget.

Or why should AZAL operate at a loss if 99.8% of passenger transportation by air falls to the state-owned Azerbaijan Airlines? (

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