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Russian troops were also forced to withdraw from Kharkov


Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov own Facebook wrote on the page that, Lugansk and In the regions of Sumy and Heavy fighting is taking place in the north of Kiev. According to him according toa difficult situation has arisen in the south of the country, but “the enemy did not expect it.”

“The enemy was stopped near Kharkov. Many areas in the east were silenced and retreated. The Russian occupiers are already surrendering. The Kremlin is preparing a new wave of attacks, including air strikes. But our army is ready to meet with him, “Reznikov said.

The Defense Minister reminded that, The Ukrainian armed forces are actively using modern weapons acquired from partners and The world community is beginning to impose sanctions.

“Armed forces, border guards, rescuers and fighters of other law enforcement agencies are heroically defended. The whole nation is slowly joining the resistance. Thousands of citizens have already joined the Territorial Defense Forces. Tomorrow, the Russians will see the results of Putin’s actions. We are on our own land and We will not back down, “he said.

Azerbaijan news

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