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Strict sanctions are coming from the EU. NATO condemns the attack

President From Vladimir Putin to this according to We will ask for an account, “von der Leyen said

EU leaders will discuss new, tougher sanctions on Russia at an emergency meeting on February 24. They will react to a “barbaric attack” on Ukraine. This was stated by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen he said.

President From Vladimir Putin to this according to we will ask for an account “– von der Leyen said.

“With this package Russia will target strategic sectors of the economy, their key technologies and We will restrict access to markets. Russia’s economic base and We will weaken the ability to modernize ” He said.

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrel The bloc said it would hit Russia with the harshest sanctions ever.

“The European Union will respond in the strongest possible way… EU leaders will adopt a stronger package, the toughest package ever implemented”He told reporters in Brussels.

Romania, Czech Republic

NATOThe countries on the “eastern wing” of the United Nations have condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine. President of Romania Klaus Yohannis He called it “the most serious violation of international law.”

Johannis said in a statement on Twitter on February 24 that, Russia’s attack on Ukraine “will face the strongest reaction from the international community, the most severe damage.”

Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala He noted on Twitter that, Moscow’s military attack is an “act of barbaric aggression” against an independent state snowThis is completely unfounded aggression and EU and NATO will react to it. “


The prime ministers of Poland and Bulgaria also condemned the attack.

Russia The Prime Minister of Hungary, who has friendly relations with President Vladimir Putin Victor Orban did not directly condemn the attack.

But the country’s foreign minister Peter Siyarto He called it “the worst case scenario” and stressed that Hungary fully supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Our task now is to ensure the security of the Hungarian people. Our embassy in Kiev is working and is ready to help Hungarians currently in Ukraine ” Said the Minister.


Azerbaijan news

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