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There is no justification for a shameless attack – “New York Times”


The New York Times published an article on behalf of the editorial board entitled “There is no justification for a shameless attack.” The article is related to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

The article emphasizes that, Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin “The West must show that it is ready for this game,” he said and US President Joseph Biden whom Russia that the aggression of the President is unacceptable, to the actions of Vladimir Putin according to He must state openly that he will answer. “

It is stated in the article that, Not directly at the root of Putin’s attacks NATO“The main reason is Putin’s xenophobic, imperialist views and distortions of the truth,” he said. Putin He considers Ukraine a part of Russia and considers its independence as a historical coincidence.

The article says that, Joseph Biden In the current crisis, he is determined, patient, determined, and dignified, and periodically discloses information about Putin’s plans to US intelligence. social is a new method of crisis management in the media era and This method has been trying to strengthen Europe with various maneuvers for months Russia forces snowIt is possible to say that it stimulated the strengthening of the glass. Putin own snowHe must see the leading figure of world democracy (ie the United States), the resolute representative of the world’s most powerful state (ie Biden).

The New York Times notes that, weaker neighbor than himselfflour “No one has given Putin the right to seize the territories of neighboring nations and decide their fate,” he said. The consequences of Putin’s aggression will be tragic for Ukraine and painful for the West, but it will also cost Russia great losses – both in terms of human and economic losses. To what is happening now according to All the responsibility falls on Putin. “

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered military operations in Ukraine. Early in the morning, bloody battles are taking place in the Donbas region. Military strikes are also being carried out in other parts of Ukraine, including the capital, Kiev. A state of war has been imposed in Ukraine, and the country’s diplomatic relations with Russia have been severed.

The people’s revolution in Ukraine in 2014 resulted in the coming to power of pro-Western forces. Russia then occupied and annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region, occupying part of the Donbas region and establishing separatist regimes in the area. On February 21, 2022, Russia imposed these regimes on the Donetsk People’s Republic. and He recognized the Luhansk People’s Republic as an independent state, friendly with both regimes and snowsigned agreements on mutual assistance.

Vladimir Putin, born in 1952, is a security officer. Russia since 1996 ali held responsible positions in government agencies. On August 16, 1999, he was appointed Prime Minister. Also from December 31, 1999 president position execution hit. 20In 00 president selected. 20He held this post in the 04th election. 20He has been Russia’s prime minister since May 8. 2012 and 2018was elected president in His next two president He has the right to participate in the elections and remain in office until 2036.

Source: New York Times


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