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Did Tagi Ahmadov admit that he gave money at interest at 18%?


Former head of Baku Metro CJSC Tagi Ahmadov received 2 million manat according to The interrogation in court came up again

Former chief of “Baku Metro” CJSC Tagi Ahmadov2 million pounds of flour according to The interrogation in court came up again.

On February 25, a motion was filed in the Baku Court of Grave Crimes to summon him for questioning. The reason is Ahmadov’s views in an interview with the press.

The former head of the Baku Metro admitted in an interview that, He gave money at 18 percent. The one who demanded the interrogation of Ahmadov said that he took money from him at interest, but could not return it YAPSaadat Khalilov, who claims that he was beaten in the building of Yasamal organization.

Soltan Aliyev was a “mediator”

Khalilov is charged under Article 178.3.2 of the Criminal Code (fraud with extensive damage). In this case, the status of the victim Milli Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences and Deputy Director of the Institute of Mechanics Soltan Aliyev recognized. The indictment alleges that Khalilov took 2 million from him in the name of the marble business, deceived him and did not return the money. Khalilov said he was a mediator and received money from Ahmadov.

That’s why the lawyer approx 20 had filed a motion in court the day before that, Ahmadov should be questioned in court, both for usury and money YAPto comment on allegations of beating in the building of The court did not grant the request and announced Ahmadov’s testimony during the investigation.

“Who gave the announced statement?”

After this issue became public, Tagi Ahmadov gave an interview to “”. Lawyer Hafiz Alasgarov says that, The views expressed in that interview necessitate his interrogation in court:

“It simply came to our notice then that, The money belongs to him, he gave 18 percent and received 30,000 percent. He says from the beginning that, court to these people 8-10 will work for years. Reports that, “I didn’t beat him, I beat him, but I did it right.” You refuse to summon and interrogate him here, you just announce his statement in the investigation. Tagi Ahmadov says on the other side that, “I have not been summoned for questioning, and even if I am summoned, I will not go.” So who gave the statement? ”

However, the court did not grant the request this time either. Judge said that, At the last court hearing, the issue was commented on, and his testimony in the investigation was announced. Moreover, it is not clear whether the media interview was about Ahmadov.

The lawyer was dissatisfied with the judges’ approach: “You are not investigating the issue that is the backbone of the accusation. She according to that you look at this case protest Thank you. We will present it in writing at the next court hearing. “

The trial was postponed to March 4.

“My friend Soltan asked me to borrow money”

Tagi Ahmadov is accused in his testimony to the investigation Saadat Khalilovun YAPthat in his office in the Yasamal organization and confirmed that he gave money:

“About 4-5 years ago, my friend Soltan asked me for a loan. He said that, An acquaintance named Saadat was engaged in marble work, and they will work together. Sultan Saadeti brought me to my room. I said that, to your work snowI will not work, I am not interested. ”

It is stated in Ahmadov’s interview that, he took 2 million from the bank. Of the 30,000 manats he receives monthly, 2,000 manats are mediated according to He gave it to Soltan Aliyev, who is now known as a victim:

“In return for this money, I received 30,000 manat a month. I paid 18% at that time. He begged me so much that, Tagi teacher, let me have 2,000, take 28,000. I’m sorry and I agreed to give him 30,000 to 2,000 of the interest. This is my friend from ANAS Mathematics and Deputy Director of the Institute of Mechanics, Professor Soltan Aliyev. I took 2 million from the bank and gave it to him. One month brought interest. The second month came, he said that, they don’t pay… ”

Article 178.3.2 of the Criminal Code, in which Khalilov was charged 10 He faces up to a year in prison.


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