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Legend of Zmeiniy Island – They chose to die without surrendering


Russia to Ukraine snowOn the first day of the war, a very tragic chronicle of heroism was written.

Yesterday, the news mentioned the small island of Zmeiniy in the Black Sea several times. Leave the island early in the morning Russia was captured by troops. A few hours later, the Ukrainian side announced the recapture of Zmeiny Island. In the evening, the official Kiev declared that the island was re-occupied.

At first glance, the details of this news, which sounded like ordinary war information, appeared at night. Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a speech at midnight that the island of Zmeiny was lost and announced that all 13 soldiers guarding the island were killed. He declared that after the death of all servicemen he was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.

A few hours later, the security of Zmeiny Island appeared to be in talks with the occupying Russian army. It is heard in the audio recording that, approaching the island Russia The warship has repeatedly offered to surrender to the Ukrainian military by radio. But the Ukrainian military did not surrender, the homeland and choose an honorable death!

Due to unethical expressions, we present the audio recording in abbreviated form.

Russia “I am a Russian warship. Bleeding snowI offer you to lay down your weapon and surrender to get the bottle. I repeat, I am a Russian warship. Otherwise you will be hit. How did you understand me? ”

Immediately after that, the Ukrainian soldiers made a decision without hesitation. They choose death over surrender!

“It simply came to our notice then. Swear yourself. “

The answer of Ukrainian heroes is heard on the radio:

“Russian servicemen, go… (swearing)!”

And they joined Ukraine for eternity…

PS You can listen to the audio on telegram channel.


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