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Moldova declares a state of emergency


Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita said that more than 4,200 refugees from Ukraine entered the country after the Russian attack

The Moldovan parliament has approved a 60-day state of emergency in connection with Russia’s attack on neighboring Ukraine.

As part of the state of emergency approved at an emergency meeting on February 24, mass demonstrations are banned, and the government is allowed to expel “undesirable persons.”

Prime Minister Natalia Qavrilita He said more than 4,200 refugees had entered Ukraine after the Russian attack.

Many want to go to the European Union, at least 100 people applied for asylum in Moldova.

Border assistance centers

RFE / RL’s Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reports that it has set up aid centers at two border crossings with Ukraine. According to the Moldovan Interior Ministry according toit will be possible to accommodate a certain number of refugees in the centers for a period of 72 hours.

Moldovan media websites report that dozens of cars are queuing at the border with Ukraine. Moldova has a 1,222-kilometer border with Ukraine.

The number of people leaving Ukraine for Romania, a member of the EU with a 650-kilometer border with Ukraine, has increased. However, local officials say Polish citizens of Ukraine crossing into Romania and He says they want to go to the Czech Republic.


Azerbaijan news

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