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Sanctions are coming to overthrow Russia – 24 hours


Attacking Ukraine at night on February 24 Russia The capital after the military forces cut the defensive line along the border in several directions Kievapproached. yesterday night and Today, the city is shelled by ballistic missiles, civilian casualties are rising, and many buildings have collapsed. News from Ukrainian sources according tofierce fighting is currently underway, and the Russian army is suffering heavy losses.

The West’s reaction to the occupation is still that, did not go beyond the sanctions stage. Addressing the people last night president Volodymyr Zelensky said that, enemy sabotage forces Kieventered “I stay in the capital with my people, and my family is in Ukraine. There is information that, The enemy targeted me number one and my family number two. My children are also in Ukraine. But I have no right to say where they are now. As a result of Russian attacks in Ukraine, 137 soldiers were killed and 116 wounded. We were left alone. Nobody wants to fight for us. Us NATOdo not want to accept, are afraid to guarantee security. Today, 27 of Ukraine’s European leaders NATOI asked him if he was a member, I asked him directly. Everyone is scared. They do not answer. And we are not afraid of anything. We are not afraid of Russia. Now the fate of the country depends on our army and from our people, from your wisdom and Depends on the great support of all friends of Ukraine “– he noted.

Press last night snowUS President Co. Biden stated that, Russia imposes new sanctions on. President said that, Russia’s VTB bankis cut off from the US financial system. Biden added that, new sanctions as well Russia oligarchs and will target the country’s technology sector: “This war is Putin’s choice, and he will see the consequences,” he said and Russia will draw. These measures are immediate on the Russian economy and will put a heavy burden on time “.

Cho Biden he said that, The United States is imposing sanctions in coordination with its European allies. He said that, Russia’s 4 largest allies bankblocked the assets of

They also cut Russia’s imports of US technology in half.

Biden was responding to questions about Russia’s disconnection from the SWIFT payment system that, The sanctions now in place are no less severe than that step.

Britain aggression against Ukraine according to It has announced unprecedented sanctions against Russia. Russia’s main weather Aeroflot aircraft Britain weather landing in ports is prohibited. The statement came from Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a speech to parliament. Britain has imposed restrictions on Russia’s largest banks. VTB bankassets were immediately frozen.

New sanctions Rostex, Uralvagonzavod, Sibur, Promsvyazbank and targets other large Russian companies. Russia in general 100 physical and the assets of the legal entity are frozen. In addition, Russia has been banned from exporting goods that could be used for military purposes. London also sets a limit of up to £ 50,000 in bank accounts for all Russian citizens, without exception.

Boris Johnson said that, The sanctions will also apply to Russia’s ally Belarus. This is also reported that, Putin’s former son-in-law, Kirill Shamalov, is on the sanctions list. He was the husband of Putin’s youngest daughter, Katerina, Russia’s youngest billionaire. Johnson said that, Russia needs to be pushed out of the world economy.

Following Britain, Canada to Russia snowhas announced sanctions. 58 individuals on Canada’s sanctions list and the unit has names. As a result, VTB Bank decided to sell its 46% stake in RCB Bank of Cyprus.

Last night, the European Commission held an emergency meeting and made proposals to Russia to impose a package of sanctions in five areas. These proposals will be considered and adopted today by the Council of Heads of Government of the European Union. The sanctions packages include the following areas:

70% of the Russian banking market and financial sanctions targeting major state-owned companies, including the defense sector;

It will target the energy sector, which is the main economic sector that benefits the Russian state. The EU’s export ban will hit the oil sector hard, making it impossible for Russia to upgrade its refineries;

Aircraft to European Union Russian airlines and prohibits the sale of equipment;

European Union Russia’s semiconductors and or restricts access to important technologies such as advanced software;

Visas: Diplomats, related groups and businessmen will no longer have the privilege of joining the European Union. That is, everyone will line up as one and wait for their turn.

Lecturer at the University of Dakota, USA, financial expert Fariz Husseinli to Russia snowsaid while commenting on the sanctions that, America’s recent actions show that it does not want to impose unilateral sanctions: “First, he wants to show it that, Russia has not been able to divide its allies. The government considers this issue very important.

Second, always in the international system dollarsis criticized for using it as a weapon. By whom? Not only by Russia and China, but also by Europe. Even when imposing sanctions on Iran, European banks were talking about an alternative payment system. “.

The expert noted that, America’s main target now is Europe and to put together with other allies. “It simply came to our notice then. Already the main state banks and companies were given the first severe sanctions. The main problem is Germany and It’s Italy. They do not agree that, Oil exports to Russiagas to sanction their payments. England and No matter how much pressure the United States puts on, no agreement has been reached yet. Britain is doing its best on this issue “– he stressed.

F. Huseynli said that, Discussions are underway to exclude Russia from the SWIFT system: “In fact, it can do without SWIFT. For example, unilaterally, or jointly with England – dollars and pound will not pay Russia. Correspondent accounts will be frozen and As a result, those who work with Russia will not be able to touch the dollar. SWIFT is already a messaging system for banks, the money goes from correspondent accounts. They can, but they don’t want to do it yet, because if they do, then there is a disagreement with Europe and China will also block it. Of course, how China behaves is also important. Biden said yesterday that, Of Russia dollarspound, euro, yen and s. we will cut payments. But he did not name the whole system, but individual banks and indirectly made it difficult for the correspondent to settle accounts. Technology export sanctions have also been imposed. Then, at the insistence of Germany in the procurement of oilgasAlthough the companies did not want to buy Russian oil yesterday, the spot price on some brands was even negative. Banks also have some trade agreements credit they did not give the letter. Everyone is afraid of new sanctions.

In short, they can do a lot with unilateral sanctions and They can call Europe “either without us or without an enemy.” But as I said, the approach of the current government is to make a collective decision according to they are late. Biden was asked two countries – would you like to join China? He said that, I will not answer this question. As for India, he said, we will discuss. US may hold talks with China “.

The expert hopes that, Eventually, they will either send two or three European countries and impose sanctions on Russia as a whole, or impose tougher unilateral sanctions. According to him according totighten sanctions, it is always possible to completely dry the system.


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