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The Ukrainian Armed Forces shared this information under the heading “IMPORTANT”


Information on the Russian occupation from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

🔸Kiev situation in the province. Kiev Bucha (Buça) – Gostomel (Gostomel) – Irpen directions in the region The situation remains difficult. Russia The occupying forces have been trying to break the resistance for the last 4 hours. A column of military equipment in the corner snowIt was possible to stop their movement by cutting the glass, and the enemy retreated, throwing equipment.

🔸 In the direction of the vol The active actions of the ground forces were not recorded. Enemy aircraft continue to fly from the territory of the Republic of Belarus along the northern part of the Ukrainian state border.

🔸 Polissyada invaders with a large staff Kiev continue their attacks in the direction of the city.
The enemy, trying to keep up the pace of the attack, uses the second echelons of the groups in certain directions.

🔸 Skadovsk The progress of additional units in this direction was recorded.

🔸 As a result of heavy fighting Milli Troops stopped the enemy’s advance and maintained their positions.

🔸 Шчастя The bridge over the Seversky Donets River near the village was destroyed.

🔸 Marine parts Kalmius managed to strengthen its position on the right bank of the river.

🔸 Other units of the mechanized units were reinforced at certain points along the line of contact.

🔸Our weather our attack defense system today Russia The weather Several ballistic missiles of the forces and destroyed at least two planes.

Azerbaijan news

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