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Three members of an Azerbaijani family were killed in an air strike in Ukraine


An Azerbaijani family living in the Ukrainian city of Kherson has faced a tragedy.

For information according tooriginally from the village of Balyand in Jabrayilsnow Farzaliyev’s wife and Two children died as a result of air strikes in Kherson.

Addsnow Farzaliyev’s relatives told that, his daughter Sabina and His son Zaur was near the city before the incident.

Natalya Farzaliyeva drove there to pick up her children. That’s where they went a bit car was hit by an air strike.

Add during the eventsnow Farzaliyev’s wife Natalya Farzaliyeva and his children were killed.

Farzaliyev was not there at that time.

Sabina Farzaliyeva graduated from university last year, and her brother Zaur was in demand. They were Ukrainian citizens.


Azerbaijan news

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