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Elon Musk has launched Starlink satellite internet for Ukrainian citizens free of charge

Elon Musk He is known for his humanitarian actions as part of his business projects. First of all, it provides financial assistance to people affected by natural disasters and the services of their companies to regions affected by infrastructure due to natural disasters and presents its products. This time he Starlink provided satellite internet free of charge for Ukrainian citizens. Previously, Starlink’s closest region to Ukraine was Poland. One of the Ukrainian officials asked Musk to provide reliable network channels in the context of the war in Ukraine.

Musk is its own Twitter said in response to the account that, Starlink satellite internet is provided completely free of charge for Ukrainian citizens and Additional connection terminals will be delivered to Ukraine. It should be noted that, Some time ago, Musk allocated 50 satellite network terminals for the tsunami-hit state of Tonga. January In mid-January, the state of Tonga was hit by a tsunami and As a result of that natural disaster, the state’s ground infrastructure was destroyed. Starlink satellite internet does the same damage snowhe shouted. Starlink at the time 1469 units had an active satellite. Now the total number of satellites 2089 units.

Azerbaijan news

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