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What Putin feared happened – DETAILS OF SHOCK CLAIM

Russia The war, which began with President Putin’s order to the army, is not going as Putin wants and Russia every day 20 billion dollars loses – Putin was afraid

The owner of the lawsuit NATO The member is former Estonian defense chief Riho Terras, at the same time European Union Terras, a member of parliament, shared his intelligence reports with the public.

Putin angry, he said the war would be easy and he thought it would all be over in a few days“Said Terras,”Russians snowthey are shocked by the strong resistance they inflict”.

Exploration reporttouching the terrace, Russia that the army has missiles that will last only three to four days and He said he would not be able to renew his depleted weapons due to new sanctions.

On the day of the war 20 billion Terras, noting that it cost a dollar, the Russians of Ukraine 10 He claimed that if he managed to silence the day, then the Russians would have to enter into negotiations.

British Armed Forces Secretary James Heppi told The Telegraph that, After intense fighting, Russia “fell far behind schedule.”

Heappey added that, Putin’s troops are “stubborn.” Ukraine “important cities” had to be bypassed due to the chaos created by the “resistance”.

Important events

9.04 Sanctions on Russian state media from YouTube: Advertising revenues are blocked

8.55 Ukraine The Interior Ministry announced that Russian troops had entered Kharkov.

8.07 Sumy Governor Dmitry Zhivitsky said six Ukrainians, including a 7-year-old girl, had been killed in a Russian attack in northeastern Okhtyrka.

07:00 The United Nations says 64 civilians have been killed and 240 injured in the attacks so far. He said in a statement that, “It is believed that the real numbers are higher,” as many deaths have not yet been fully confirmed. In addition, CNN reported that a 6-year-old boy died in a crossfire in Kiev tonight.

06.25 From various sources to the oil depot outside Kiev and In Kharkov gas There have been reports of a strike on the line. Authorities warned that toxic fumes were released from the burning warehouse and He advised people staying in their homes to close their windows tightly. Kiev Most of the residents are in bunkers and took refuge in subway stations.

06.19 President of France Emmanuel Macron said in a telephone conversation with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko that he had asked him to withdraw Russian troops from Belarus.

05:58 Hotels in Kiev have taken action due to the threat of an explosion. Clients who knew there would be a big explosion in Kiev were taken to shelters in hotels in the city.

05.10 Ukraine He recaptured the city of Sievierodonetsk in Luhansk, which he had lost in the Donbass and announced full control of the city.

05.00 Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Gerashenko has announced that Russia has launched a ballistic missile attack on some Ukrainian cities, especially Vasilkov.

04.15 The Ukrainian army repulsed the attacks in Kharkov and The city is under Ukrainian control.

03.55 According to the State Border Service of Ukraine according to; Ukrainian soldiers defending Snake Island may be alive. Ukrainian leader Zelensky said 13 Ukrainian soldiers had died heroically while defending the island.

02.25 According to CNN according to; Two explosions in southwestern Kiev lit up the sky. About one of the explosions took place in the city center 20 It was reported that it happened at a distance of kilometers. The second blast was west of Kiev, the city’s second-largest weather happened on the way to the port.

02.15 The BBC’s Fergal Keane has filmed Ukrainians fleeing the war 20 kilometers from Ukraine’s Polish border. Apparently, thousands of people and the car is lined up to cross into Poland.

01.45 Tesla and Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, announced the activation of the Stralink satellite internet service in Ukraine. This will make it difficult to block Internet access in Ukraine.

01.30 Hundreds of Ukrainians are waiting at a train station in Lviv, Ukraine, to cross into Poland. Social “Reminiscent of the years of the Second World War” was commented on the images spread on the networks.

00.55 Ukrainian media has been intensive in the capital Kiev for a short time weather announced that bombing was expected.

00.25 US Secretary of Defense John Kirby firearms to Ukraine and announced an additional $ 350 million in military aid, including various munitions.

00.15 The non-governmental organization OVD-Info has announced that the total number of people detained during anti-war demonstrations in Russia has exceeded 3,000.

“24 hours”

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