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Lukashenko extends power

In Belarus Alyasandr Lukashenka The regime says a referendum on constitutional changes has taken place. The goal was to extend his rule and abolish Belarus’s status as a non-nuclear country. Opposition and The West called the referendum illegal and shameful.

According to the election commission in Minsk according to65 percent of voters go to the polls in favor of the changes, 10 percent voted against.

There are more than 800 stored

In Minsk and Elsewhere, there have been major protests against the vote, as well as Belarus’ role in Russia’s aggression against neighboring Ukraine.

On February 28, the Interior Ministry said more than 800 people had been detained. Human rights activists in Belarus said on February 27 according toat least 530 people were arrested.

Constitutional changes extend Lukashenko’s presidency since 1994 snowleads to lifelong immunity.

Also in the future in Belarus Russia soldiers and permanent deployment of nuclear weapons is allowed.

Belarusians protest is

Belarus’s opposition leader arrives in Lithuania on February 27 Svetlana Tikhanovskaya to the Minsk regime with hundreds of compatriots protest went on strike, Putin The use of Ukraine’s military to attack Ukraine has been condemned.

By chanting “Long live Belarus” and “Let there be love for Ukraine”, they attacked ordinary Belarusians in Ukraine. snowThey said they wanted to tell the world that

“Our Ukrainian brothers are silent according to will not forgive us ” – Tikhanovskaya, who lives in Lithuania, told reporters.

2020controversial in August president After the election, Lukashenko began to talk about possible changes to the constitution. To those elections snowUnprecedented demonstrations were held, the government protestHe grabbed the sofa mercilessly.


For the sixth time president Lukashenko has jailed leading opposition figures. The West, which does not recognize him as a legitimate leader, has imposed sanctions. So is Lukashenko Russia It has become more dependent on the support of President Vladimir Putin.

Amendments to the Constitution only twice, five years each president allows you to be selected. But this limitation applies to the future. This allows Lukashenko to remain in power until the age of 81.

Lukashenko, 67, is changing Belarus’s constitution for the third time.

He expanded his powers as president in 1996, limiting his parliament. In 2014, he lifted the limit on his presidency.


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