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“Peacekeeper” General Rustam Muradov was also subjected to sanctions

European Union The new sanctions list includes new figurants, 26 more individuals on the list and includes a company, including Rustam Muradov. The document was published in the official journal of the EU, and the decision came into force. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

Other officials on the list and together with the military Russia There is also Rustam Muradov, Deputy Commander of the Army’s Southern Military District.

Recall that, R. Muradov Russia He completed his mission as the commander of the Federation’s peacekeeping forces in Karabakh on September 6 last year. Muradov 2020after the conflict in the fall of Russia appointed commander of peacekeeping contingent 2022 JanuaryThe Russian peacekeeping contingent is led by Major General Andrei Volkov.

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Azerbaijan news

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