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Russia fired missiles at Vasilkov, Belaya Cherkov and Kalinovka

Russia troops Vasilkov and Belaya Cherkov cities, Kalinovka village shelled as a result of rocket fire and two houses collapsed.

Ukrinform reports that, about this Ukraine The State Service for Emergency Situations has issued a statement.

Kyiv region. 19 hours:10 to the cities of Vasilkov, Belaya Cherkov and A rocket hit the village of Kalinkova. Five-storey dormitory in Kalynivka and Two five-storey residential buildings were destroyed, ”the statement said.

It is reported that, Three HPPs went to Belaya Cherkova to help the dormitory. Vasilkov and Shells in Kalynivka according to sections not involved.

As we reported, on February 24 Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin He announced the beginning of the occupation of Ukraine. A martial law has been imposed in the country and general mobilization was announced.

“24 hours”

Azerbaijan news

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