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Russia has been banned from participating in MWC 2022 and other GSMA events

Ongoing coronavirus pandemic popular due to MWC (Mobile World Congress) exhibition 2020It was not held in the traditional format in 2021. Being the organizer of the exhibition GSMA had announced in advance that, This year, the traditional exhibition will open its doors in Barcelona. That’s what happened. The exhibition has already started today. However, due to the situation in Ukraine, many European countries have banned Russia from participating in international events. For example Eurovision song contest and ya Formula-1 races can be brought. The GSMA has officially announced that, Of Russia MWC 2022 at the exhibition and Prohibits participation in this year’s GSMA events.

“The GSMA Association is Russia’s Ukraine condemns entry into their territories. The situation is changing rapidly and we understand that, various governments to Russia snowThey are considering the possibility of imposing broader sanctions. In this situation and Against the background of the deaths in Ukraine, the MWC seems insignificant. GSMA joins all government sanctions and notes that, Due to the current situation, there will be no Russian pavilion at MWC 2022, ”the GSMA said. As a sign of solidarity and To Russia snowIn support of the sanctions, the GSMA is also involved in some of the MWC Russia blacklisted companies.

Azerbaijan news

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