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Semi-transparent glass spheres were found on the surface of the moon

China Yutu-2 called Ay apparatus Of the Earth took photos of strange objects on the surface of the satellite. We are talking about semi-transparent glass spheres. The glass spheres in question 186 kmhas a diameter of Fon Karman was discovered in a crater called According to researchers, these glass spheres are most likely a strong blow and or due to thermal reactions that occurred as a result of previous volcanic activity. It is not surprising that the lunar apparatus encounters glass material. So. that, The surface of the moon was rich in glass. However, these glass spheres were found to be their own size and they attract attention by being semi-transparent. As a rule, glass spheres on the surface of the Moon are usually 1 mm have size. However, the dimensions of the spheres found in the For Karman crater 1.5-2.5 cm contane.

Still last century “ApolloAs part of one of their missions, the astronauts delivered small glass samples taken from the lunar surface to Earth. However, those samples were black. Likely that, Glass spheres on the surface of the moon are formed by thermal reactions that occur as a result of strong shocks. As a result of strong blows silicates they become liquid and take the shape of a sphere. The spherical liquid silicates thrown into the sky as a result of the impact quickly cool down and return to the surface of the Moon in the form of glass. The same process can occur as a result of a volcanic eruption. But it’s been a long time on the moon that, volcanic activity is not observed. According to scientists, these spheres are approximate 10They were created 0,000 years ago.

Azerbaijan news

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