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The occupiers are trying to invade Kiev again

24 hours” informs that, Ukraine General Staff of the Armed Forces Kiev At 00:00, he gave operative information about the Russian aggression. They noted that, enemy Ukraine snowfrom the air and continues to attack from the ground.

At this time the occupiers are military and civilian airfields, command posts, weather facilities of the attack defense system, important infrastructure facilities, settlements located in the defense zones and fires units.

Kiev In the direction of the police, the enemy is trying to repel the attack by building a pontoon crossing over the Irpen River in the territory of Demidov.

Another attempt by the invaders to capture the city of Irpin failed. Ukraine defenders destroyed the attackers’ equipment.

The General Staff noted that, Ukraine Tank of the Armed Forces and mechanized units maintain important positions in all directions with the support of artillery installations. Pilots invaders weather successfully repel blows.

Azerbaijan news

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